Anirudh to record Vijay’s song for ‘Kaththi’

Vijay Kaththi is one of the highly anticipated movies in Kollywood. It brings back the successful Thuppakki pair of AR Murugadoss and Vijay.

Music Sensation Anirudh is composing music for the movie. The expectations are sky high since this is the first time; the young composer is doing music for a a big hero film.

Anirudh is almost done with the album and he has promised lot of surprises in the album. Today no album of Vijay’s movie is complete without a song in actor’s own voice. Anirudh is getting ready to
record Vijay’s song in Kaththi in the next few days.

Kaththi album is most likely to release around Sep 20th in London. The movie is scheduled for Diwali release. One can certainly expect the album to be a rocking one!


“A movie without a story”, “Tribute to one hundred years of cinema”, says the tagline of Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam directed by Radhakrishnan Parthiban who is famous for his penchant to be different. And he continues to establish this fact in Kadhai Thiraikadhai Vasanam Iyakkam (KTVI).

KTVI as demonstrated in the trailer is about a bunch of creative people who want to make it big in the film industry. In a way, it is cinema within cinema.

In a Parthiban film, you would always feel his urge to be unusual from the crop and KTVI is no exception. And this time around, it is not for the sake of being different, he is different. His ‘difference’ gels with the story! His sharp dialogues, play with words, the manner in which he moves the script and his characterizations thump his stamp in a very entertaining manner.

There is almost a mini army of established artists in the film in the form of Prakash Raj, Vishal, Arya, Vijay Sethupathi, Amala Paul, Cheran and Taapsee. Of these, Arya and Amala Paul’s roles are more than a cameo. Vijay Sethupathi’s explanation of pazhaya soru and biriyani is quite cool! UTV Dhananjayan also features as a producer.

Even though there is an undercurrent of seriousness with the characters wanting to make it big in their life, the levity in every frame makes KTVI a pleasant enterprise. And this is achieved big time in the razor sharp pun soaked phrases of Parthiban, the examples being ulunda vadai, ottai ulla CD, koyyaa pazham, irumaappu to name a few. Parthiban’s ladies are always intelligent and sensuous and the characters Daksha, Shirley and Deepa also follow the path.

For most of the part, Parthiban is on an analyzing mode of cinema in different eras. And he does not lose an opportunity to tip his hat in favor of the intelligence of today’s audience. The pre-interval block on a kind of self-judging tone is quite fascinating when he wonders through his audience the kind of FB/twitter status his film would receive and the first half and second half delineations.

Through the character of a maid, he echoes the question of numerous viewers – do people who are involved in the film actually watch their finished product? Or else how does one justify such huge failure rates?

KTVI is a Thambi Ramiah film all through and the man simply rocks. Parthiban’s dialogues when mouthed by the veteran, take on a different dimension altogether. Of the other cast, Vijay Ram (playing Murali) stands out for his casualness and Akila Kishore (Daksha) is hugely helped by Suchitra’s voice.

The technical aspects are just about functional with the Kaatril Kadhai Irukkum number lingering on for a longer time. Like how his characters struggle to arrive at the perfect story, there are moments when the director stutters, meanders a little to arrive at the climax. Despite all those joyful moments in the theatre, there is something amiss in KTVI which would have given this piece a totality, perhaps a cohesive binding factor? Or perhaps better initial part of second half to match a very creative first half. If you overlook these, KTVI is a decent watch. But one piece of advice, definitely stay in the theater till the last second.

Verdict: Sharp dialogues, wit, Thambi Ramiah and screenplay experimentation make KTVI a good ride.

Parthipan’s ‘KTVI’ takes on ‘Anjaan’

Parthipan’s Kathai Thirakathai Vasanam Iyakkam (KTVI) is taking on the giant Suriya’s Anjaan quite well. The advance booking for the film in Chennai city and suburbs has been encouraging.

KTVI is opening in a limited 210 screens worldwide. Parthpan says in multiplexes in Chennai city and suburbs, where it is playing in small screens, it has been sold out for the weekend. Says Parthipan : “I’m happy with the advance booking trend, and I’m sure audiences are going to lap it up.”

Meanwhile on the release day – August 15, Parthipan is going to do some charity work. He is donating Rs 10 lakhs to choreographer and actor Lawrence’s charitable trust and organising some fun and events for 150 children at an auditorium.

Movie of Anjaan Movie

Anjaan is a film which bangs onto the screens with a huge noise. The heavy publicity, colourful posters and the pre-release buzz had all put the expectations on a see saw. When the film started off with some impressive title design and an intriguing theme track,

the crowd went berserk. But right there at the end, there were a few gloomy faces walking out of the cinema hall. The film kicked off on a positive note, with Suriya taking all the attention. Right from frame one, this man is in full form when it comes to action, dance, dialogue delivery or just that daring look. The first half runs away with an interesting intro, the supercute Samantha and some neatly made action sequences. Lingusamy’s trump card is played at the interval scene, which brings out what he is truly capable of. The stage is set for a fast and furious second half. But to everybody’s disappointment, it doesn’t end up being what it intended to and finishes off at the cliff of a pit.

Lingusamy’s paperwork is decent. It is the execution which ticks off the fun. Well written scenes clubbed with interesting twists could have rocketed Anjaan to another level. Unfortunately, his packaging which sticks to the age old formula of fights, songs and punch lines is a bummer. Captivating tidbits like the coin spin and a transformation do not rise up to what it has to be. In the second half, there is a fight every ten minutes, each time with a different character. Good dialogues are used time and again, taking away the impact.

Anjaan is driven by its main leads, Suriya and Samantha. The duo together make it a gala in the combinational scenes which are enjoyable. However, the Suriya – Vidyut relationship hasn’t been given its importance, as we are left pondering as to how it came into being in the first place. Vidyut is tremendous talent, and the ease with which he performs his stunts are laudable. The rest of the cast is mostly alien, filled with Bollywood actors with bad diction. Soori, oh no.

There are two departments in Anjaan which are flawless. One, the camerawork. Two, the music. Santosh Sivan’s cinematography cuts through the locales of Mumbai with a bang, as his camera does the talking in the stunt sequences. I cannot leave without mentioning the combined shot of a bird catching its prey and the goons getting caught. Anjaan’s lens has witnessed true professionalism. To be honest, Yuvan has thrown eggs at his haters with his BGM. The score adds life to the film, he has totally nailed it. The songs however, deprive the flow of the film in the second half. On the flipside, the length of the film is a big turn down, and requires immediate trimming.

Anjaan is not a bad film. I’m just sad that hasn’t turned out to be the film it could have been. Suriya carries this on his shoulders just like he always does, but you do need some help from the others if you wish to churn out a stellar product. The don here is dapper, but his story? Good. And that’s about it.

Verdict : Two bangs outta three. The final one goes missing, and it was vital.

Anjaan isn’t a realistic depiction of gangsters’ lives

He is busy with the last-minute work on his latest film Anjaan, which he and his brother N Subash Chandra Bose are releasing through their banner Thirrupathi Brothers, but once director Lingusamy sits down for an interview, he opens up on the film, his fascination with action films, and his career blues…

Apart from Anandham and probably Ji, every one of your film has gangsters in one form or the other. What’s your fascination with them?
I’ve been attracted to action since childhood. My favourite character in the Mahabharata is Bheema. I love the episode where he fights and kills Keechaka. As a little boy, before going to a film, I used to enquire how many fight sequences it had. Also, I’m a Rajini fan. In Sandakozhi, there is a scene where Vishal starts drumming his fingers in anticipation of a fight. That character is me. During my college days, I used to enquire about the rowdies in my town and go and get their acquaintance — I’ve even been involved in a few scuffles. Naturally, Udhayam, Nayagan, Baasha and The Godfather are among my favourite films, though I also equally love Uthiri Pookkal, Varusham 16 and Roman Holiday. I still like both these kinds of cinema — if I see The Godfather 50 times, I’ll see Roman Holiday also 50 times.

Doesn’t that slot you as a filmmaker who does only one kind of films?
After Run, people started expecting a certain kind of film from me. In fact, I used to remark to my friends, ‘Close panna shutterkulla naane lock aagiten’. Audiences started saying my films have good action sequences and, I began thinking of how differently I can conceive action scenes. And, I started getting scared that if I make an out-and-out romance they might reject it. Also, I apprehensive that if I throw caution to the winds and go and make a film I want to, I won’t command the same impact if I do an action film again. Even Rajini sir couldn’t act in a film like Mullum Malarum after a point of time as fans wanted him to be larger-than-life. It is to feed the rasigan in myself that I back films like Vazhakku Enn 18/9, Kumki and even the recent Sathuranka Vettai with my production house. I still have a few more heroes to cross off my list — Vijay, and if possible, Rajini sir, Mahesh Babu, Ram Charan and Pawan Kalyan in Telugu and maybe, another film with Suriya. Once that happens, I’ll do a tender romantic film. I think I’ll have to tune audiences here before making such a film. Or, maybe, I will go and do it in Bollywood.

Does that mean you are making these action films out of compulsion?
Not at all. The films that I do are not something I make only because the audience likes them. I love to watch these films myself. In fact, I keep making action films, fine-tuning myself with each film, in the hope that one day I might make something like a Sholay or a Deewar. I also love shooting these movies and make them with the same sincerity as someone who is making an artistic film. That is why I will always be present throughout the filming of stunts and songs. I’ll not delegate that work to the stunt master or the dance choreographer and chill out. The lead up to the fight is important, yes, but the fight is also important; ovvoru adiyum kooda mukkiyam.

Anjaan is about a gangster. So, how different is it from other gangster films?
The gangster element here is just a backdrop. This story is more about friendship, romance and twists and turns. Raju Bhai is more than a gangster and the film isn’t a realistic depiction of gangsters’ lives. Raju Bhai is from the underworld and so, the film had to be set in Mumbai. Otherwise, its world is totally make-believe. The knot occurred to me when I was shooting Paiyya. During the break, I told Karthi, ‘If I were to direct you and your brother together, the story line would go like this: You come in search of your brother and every person you come across speaks of him with awe and fear’. This one-line is what has now become Anjaan with Suriya playing the two roles. There is this dialogue in Sathuranka Vettai: ‘Naama solra poila ore oru thuli unmai irukkanum’. While the film is completely fictional, to make the world believable, I gave Suriya a book on the Mumbai dons just to help him ‘get’ the role and get into that mood. Also, Suriya is the kind of actor who likes to portray his character as realistically as possible.

So, what made you decide to do the film with Suriya alone?
When it was decided that Suriya and I will make a film together, I started narrating scripts to him. Like the fairy in Aesop’s fable, I kept narrating stories one after the other but like the woodcutter, he kept saying ‘This is not mine’ — even when I showed him the gold one! And, suddenly, I remembered the one-line story I’d told Karthi. So, in one week, I discussed with my team and readied a proper script. I gave a one-and-a-half-hour narration to Suriya and when I finished, he said, ‘This is what I was looking for’. That seemed like a sign from above for me to go into this project without any doubts. It’s a script written specifically for Suriya. He has done hero-centric films but they were about characters — Ghajini was about an amnesiac, Ayan a smuggler, and Singam a cop. I wanted to make a film where his very presence on screen should have fans clapping and whistling — Vijay had such a film in Pokkiri while Ajith had Billa. I wanted Anjaan to be that film for Suriya. So, I’ve made the film in such a way so that his scenes have pep and style.

KV Anand spills beans on ‘Anegan’

KV Anand who has explored different subjecs in thriller genres has attempted romance for the first time in Anegan.

Anegan stars Dhanush, newcomer Amyra Dastur who has done a movie in Bollywood, Veteran actor Karthik, another newcomer Aishwarya Devan and several others. Harris Jayaraj is scoring the music for the movie.

AGS Entertainment is producing the movie. According to KV Anand, this is biggest budget movie for Dhanush. The movie is shot in exotic locations in South East Asian countries such as Cambodia.

KV Anand says in today’s world of exciting video games, a movie has to fast paced and entertaining from the start and he is confident that he has done that in Anegan. Also he is confident of meeting the high expectations since Dhanush’s previous movie VIP turned out to be a blockbuster.

KV was very impressed with Karthik who is acting in Anegan after a hiatus. He says Karthik’s role will be talked about.

Yennamo Yedho gets clean ‘U’ certificate

Yennamo Edho starring Gautham Karthik and Rakul Preet Singh in the lead roles has been cleared by the Censor Board with a clean ‘U’ certificate. The film directed by Ravi Thyagarajan is the remake of the Telugu film Ala Modalaindi. Prabhu plays a pivotal role in the film produced by Ravi Prasad Productions and has music by D. Imman.

The romantic comedy entertainer is set to hit the screens on March 28. Shruthi Haasan and Anirudh have sung a song each in this album. Nani and Nithya Menon played the main leads in the Telugu version which went on to be a surprise hit a couple of years ago.
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