Matraan going to Fight with Vishvarupam

October 12 - was officially announced to be released on Maatraan. Kamal Vishvaroopam also released in the same date..

This Kamal, Surya triggered uproar among fans. Both have large fans. Kamal Vishvaroopam Designed to be released in theaters at the highest international level.

Motin these two films, the theater is expected to be a problem.

But among the distributors of the 'conflict' did not want to. He said one of the dealers, "announced another release date. Visvarupam Alerts have been carried out yet. Kamal sir I've known trading. Therefore avoiding the match," he said.

Visvarupam film in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi to be the world's release planned over 2000 theaters.

Surya's another film released in Telugu simultaneously. There are going to release the film in theaters in 1500.
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